Old Photos of Painted Post (and Surrounding Areas)

I recently acquired a number of older negatives of the Painted Post and Corning area. Most were taken from the air during the 1940's.
It's interesting to see how much the Painted Post area has changed (in some cases, not for the better) in the last 70 years or so.
I have no idea who the photographer was. If you know who took these photos please email at the address on the bottom of this page. Thanks and Enjoy...

The above photo of the village
Another view of the village
The old Foundry
The "4 Corners" and High Street
Hamilton Circle
Early Grace Blvd area
Painted Post High School
Another view of PPHS
Painted Post Village
Painted Post and Corning's Northside
Another of the Painted Post business area
And another of the Painted Post business area
Painted Post and Riverside
The Conhocton, Tioga and Chemung rivers along with Apple Island
Painted Post and the Corning area
The old Parson's Field (pre-West High School
Gang Mills, Painted Post,Corning and the beginning of the Chemung Valley

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