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A webpage on how I found the original location of where the first Painted Post stood.
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Click on the following linksto view photos of Painted Post in 1973 & '74...
Before it was torn down.

Looking North on Water Street.
Looking North on Hamilton Street.
Looking at Tillmans Drug Store at Water & Hamilton streets.
Looking South on Hamilton Street at the
Post Office.
Indian Monument before it was moved.

And who could forget

Remember Bement's Dairy Store?
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Colonial Days 1978
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An interesting grave stone found at the Coopers Plains cemetery.
(I again saw this gravestone last year [2014] and sadly most of the inscription has been eaten away by the elements since I took this photo in the 1970's)

The gravestone of Ben Patterson, located in Townsend Cemetery near the Mulhollon Bridge (I took this photo in the early 1970's).
A Sons of the American Revolution (S.A.R.) marker describing Patterson's service during the Revolutionary War.

A Civil War reenactment in Hodgman Park during a Colonial Days weekend in the 1970's.
The above photo, but "aged".

Click on the following links to view a couple of photos from the 1969 Colonial Days parade:
1969 Colonial Days #1
1969 Colonial Days #2

Click HERE to see some Indian and historical artifacts I've found in the Painted Post/Gang Mills area.

A 1796 hand colored map of New York State

showing Painted Post with a glyph for the post itself.
Click on the maps for a larger view.
Photos and map courtesy of Ann Finneran.

The Flood of '72

Below are a some photos of Painted Post and the immediate area during and shortly after the flood of 1972.
(Known as hurricane "Agnes")

June 23, 1972

Platt Street at Hamilton, looking toward 4 corners. (I took this photo while the water was still rising)

The next four photos were taken from the top of the West Hill water tower during the height of the flood.
(It was very interesting [and slippery] climbing on top of that tower...you had to be there to understand)
The four corners in Post.
The Presbyterian Church on Hamilton Street.
A look at Hamilton St. south and Erwin Valley.
A photo of the Erwin Valley.

After the water receded:
The Apenowich garage on Olive Street.
The "old" King's Dairy store on Pulteney street.
What's left of McDonalds on Pulteney.
A view of Riverside from the railroad bridge looking north on Pulteney.
The damage at Bill Connor's Auto Sales (kitty-corner from Fazzary's).
A house on the Gang Mills exit of route 15.

A clock that was under water in our kitchen during the flood
and captured the time when the power went out that day.

(Click on the photo for a larger image)

It's never been set or adjusted since the morning of June 23, 1972
when we lost power at about 5:28am.
I can still remember the Painted Post Fire Department fire horn blowing and blowing and blowing that morning.
The clock has never been cleaned or hosed off after the flood, but the "flood mud" on the surfaces has slowly
turned to dust and has sort of worn off with handling.
I took it off the wall a few days after the flood, saving it, thinking I'll look at it years later to remind me of that day.
I still can't believe it's in as good shape, with no mold or rot, as it is today,
although there's still flood mud inside the clock.

The Olive Street Flood Party of 1974 and 1975

Flood Party 1  Flood Party 2  Flood Party 3  Flood Party 4
Flood Party 5  Flood Party 6  Flood Party 7  Flood Party 8

Here's a link to a good 10 minute Youtube video of before, during and after the Flood of '72 in the Corning-Painted Post area.

A link to an article titled: Joe Kane Remembers The Flood of 1972 in Painted Post.
It's an interesting account of what happened in the village of Painted Post in the days and months after the flood, as told by the late and long time village resident, Joe Kane.
Click here to read it.

Did you know there was a song about The Flood of '72?
The name of it is: "It Sprinkled, It Rained, and It Poured".
John Nickerson wrote and also recorded this song.
You can hear it on Youtube while viewing photos of the flood.
Here's a link on how this song came to be.

And did you know there's a young adult book based upon The Flood of '72?
It's titled Rat Life by Tedd Arnold.
You can read a review of it here.

Both the song and book are centered around Elmira, but are still
relevant to Painted Post and what the residents saw and experienced that day.

A few photos of
Lt. Col. Wally "Moe" Newcomb
and his homecoming to Painted Post from over five years in a North Viet Nam
POW camp. An Air Force pilot of a F-105, he was shot down
and captured in North Viet Nam August 3rd, 1967 at about 7am on a Thursday morning...
And released on March 14th, 1973.

Just after pulling into Painted Post.
Happy to be home
A lot of Painted Posters turned out for his homecoming that day.
Another photo of the welcome home crowd.
And the start of the parade that took him home.

A link to a Veteran tribute to Wally "Moe" Newcomb.

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