Formula One

  • Jody Scheckter getting some pointers in the pits.

  • Mario Andretti in the pits with Brock Yates & crew.

  • Ronnie Peterson & Tim Schecken getting some info from a crew member (1971).

  • Ronnie Peterson in his car before pratice.

  • The #1John Player Special with Peterson giving the ol' "thumbs up".

  • Ronnie Peterson waiting while his Lotus is worked on.

  • Mario Andretti's F1 Essex in the pits.

  • The Tyrrell Candy F1 car in the pits with the late Didier Pironi at the wheel.

  • Another shot of the Tyrrell Candy F1.

  • Jean-Pierre Jarier
    in a Tyrrell 010 (1980)

  • Jacques Laffite and his F1 in the pit lane.

  • Jacques Laffite in the pits during the 1970's.

  • Jacques Laffite coming out of the boot.

  • Emerson Fittipaldi
    Fittipaldi F5A (1979)

  • Jochen Mass
    Arrows A2 (1979)

  • Jochen Mass
    Arrows A3 (1980)

  • Jochen Sliding in the Boot. (1979)

  • 2 Ferraris in the Boot

  • Jacky Ickx hard on the gas in the boot.

  • The Six wheel Tyrrell in the in the pits.

  • One more of the Elf Tyrrell 6 wheel.

  • Clay Regazzoni's Ferrari F1 turning a fast lap.

  • The F1 of John Watson getting a going over.

  • Patrick Tambay heading out of the "toe" of the boot in an F1.

  • Teddy Mayer
    Patrick Tambay

    arriving at track (1978)

  • George Folmer's UOP F1 ready to be worked on.

  • The #18 Shadow F1 in the boot.

  • The JPS Lotus in the garage

  • Close racing in the Boot.

  • More close racing
    at the Boot.

  • Inside the Kendall garage during the '73 grand Prix weekend.

  • The Rainbow Jeans F1 in the boot.

  • Denny Hulme after his car retired.

  • A photo of James Hunt in the pits during the '73 Oct. weekend.

  • In the garage with three drivers, James Hunt, Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni.

  • An F1 in the garage during the early 1970's

  • A Ferrari F1 in the pit lane during race pratice.

  • Four F1 drivers in the pits during the 1973 Grand Prix.
    (Mario Andretti,Ronnie Peterson,Denny Hulme and Tim Schecken)

  • Niki Lauda in the pits at the Glen after his tragic accident a year eariler.

  • James Hunt checking in with his team in the pits.

  • Jody Scheckter looking determined to win.

  • Ken Tyrrell and Jody Scheckter talking (1974).

  • Jody Scheckter listening to advice from his boss(1974).

  • Jody Scheckter thinking about is run (1974).

  • Mario Andretti listening to some advice from a member of his team.

  • Mario's F1 Ferrari in the garage during the early '70's.

  • Mario during an interview.

  • Mario in a JPS Lotus F1
    photo credit:David Patterson

  • John Surtees working in the garage.

  • Graham Hill's F1 in the garage area, Oct. 1973.

  • Another Graham Hill car in the garage.

  • Alan Jones after a run, in the pits.

  • After the race Alan Jones gives a ride to another driver.

  • Alan Jones waiting while his F1 is being worked on.

  • In the Boot...
    Alan Jones

  • A view of James Hunt taking a break in the pits.

  • Jacky Ickx's F1 after a crash entering the boot.

  • Jacky Ickx on the stretcher after his crash (notice his right foot in bandage).

  • The Tyrrell Ford of Francois Cevert entering the "toe" of the boot in 1972.

  • The Elf Tyrrell F1 team cars of Jackie Stewart & Francois Cevert, Oct. 1973.

  • Cevert's Tyrrell being worked on in 1973.

  • One of Francois Cevert's last laps on that tragic Saturday in October, 1973. (Plus a "moment of silence" in the boot, on that Saturday when Cevert's death was announced over the P.A. system.)

  • Helmuth Koinigg & Mike Wilds with the #18 Surtees although Koinigg drove the #19 in the race on Oct.6, 1974.

  • Helmuth Koinigg on three wheels in his Surtees TS16.

  • One more of Helmuth Koinigg deep in the toe of the boot, Oct.5, 1974, only to loose his life there a day later.

  • Who could forget the crowds at the "boot" in the 1970's.

  • The Boot crowd
    from the top (1979-1980)

  • How F1s were transported in the 1970's

  • The McLaren boss Teddy Mayer in the garage area in the 1970's.

  • James Hunt...waiting to go racing.

  • Jody Scheckter on the throttle of his F1 Ferrari in the boot.

  • A slightly different angle of Scheckter in the boot (in color).

  • And just one more photo of James Hunt I dug up.

  • Ricardo Zunino in a
    Brabham BT49 (1979)

  • From the '78 GP

  • Ferrari from the '78 GP

    1970's - GLEN PHOTOS
    Thanks To
    (Opens Separate Window)

    Old Watkins Photos
    Of Some Famous
    Courtesy of
    Ralph Eldridge

  • 1950's

  • Jack Brabham
    Joakim Bonnier

  • Briggs Cunningham

  • Jack Brabham

  • Phil Hill
    Ferrari TR

  • Starter

  • 1950's

  • Jack Brabham

  • 1950's
    Jim Forno

  • Bonnier, Moss
    Tex Hopkins

  • Corvette

  • Moss, Bonnier

  • The Start

  • SCCA Vette

  • SCCA Vette

  • SCCA Vette

  • SCCA Vette

    Thanks Ralph!

    F1 Photos Courtesy
    Of Don Stuke

  • Chapman & Andretti
    on pit lane.

  • Emerson Fittipaldi

  • James Hunt

  • James Hunt

  • Niki Lauda

  • Patrick Depallier

    Thank You Don!

    A Few Photos
    (1973 USGP)
    Chuck Spear

  • Niki Lauda in the garage.

  • One more of Niki Lauda in the garage.

  • Saturday morning, moments before Francois Cevert's took to the track for the last time.

  • A JPS Lotus near the press tower.

  • The front end of a Tyrrell 6 Wheeler.

    Thanks Chuck!

    Photos of the
    1979 - 1980
    F1 years
    from Tim Deebs,
    Hornell, NY

  • Jacques Laffite
  • Another of Jacques Laffite
  • A wet Ricardo Zunino
  • Clay Regazzoni
  • Riccardo Patrese
  • A composite
  • Giles Villeneuve
  • Mario
  • Jacques Laffite
  • Gilles Villeneuve
  • Bruno Giacomelli
  • Mario Andretti
  • Alan Jones
  • Elio de Angelis
  • Scheckter's Helmet

    Thank you Tim!

    AWalter Wolf Can Am car (One of the only ones made)

  • Hal Keck's Cobra - 1966.

  • Keck's Cobra out of turn one in 1966.

  • Action in the Boot

  • 4 Porsches' in the Boot

  • Donoheu's Porsche?

  • A Wild Camaro

  • 205.7 mph!!

    Next 3 photos...
    Lancia Beta Montecarlo Turbos (June-1980)

  • #31Hans Heyer
    Riccardo Patrese

  • #32Michele Alboreto
    Eddie Cheever

  • #33Piercarlo Ghinzani
    Martino Finotto

  • Can Am car out of the ninty

  • Can Am car on the infield

  • Jackie Oliver's Shadow Mk.2 (1971)

  • A Paul Newman sponsored Can Am car

  • Lother Motschenbacher's Lola T70

    Next 3 photos...
    Toyota Celebrity Race

  • Gene Hackman

  • Jan Michael Vincent

  • Paul Newman

  • Paul Newman in his Datsun at Watkins.

  • Paul Newman in a moment of thought.

  • Benny Parsons coming out of the boot in a BMW. He was the co-driver for Hans Stuck that weekend.

  • It would take more than pocket change to take this Gulf Mirage home.

  • The Mirage on the track

  • One other Gulf Ford, a GT40...*nice*!

  • Today these cars, Mustang GT350s, Vetts, & Camaros would be in vintage cup races. Photo taken in 1970's.

  • Patrick Tambay accelerating out of the boot.

  • Sam Feinstein's Cobra on an infield road.

  • One more of Sam Feinstein heading into turn one.

  • Fred Kepler's A P Corvette.

  • Al Unser with a real young Jr., years ago in the pits.

  • The Elf Renault sitting still in the pits.

  • An Alfa Romeo endurance car.

  • Henri Pescarolo in the above Alfa.

  • What it was like inside an endurance car.

  • A clean looking Porsche on the pit lane.

  • A Porsche on three wheels coming out of the boot.

  • Two of Dan Gurney's Eagles in the pits during a practice session.

  • A McLaren M6B on a infield road during the early 1970's.

  • Bobby Brown accelerating out of the "toe' of the boot.

  • A Can Am car coming out of the "toe".

  • A Can Am car sliding to stay ahead.

  • Two Budweiser team Can Am cars.

  • The great football player Walter Payton at Watkins during the 1990's.

  • Bob Tullius Tempest on pit row (The "Gray Ghost").

  • George Folmer's Trans Am Mustang

  • One more of the #15 Mustang

  • Brock Yates and his Genesee Camaro (before pit roof)

  • Group 44 MGB

  • Group 44 Triumph GT6

  • Group 44 TR6

  • I can't forget the close racing of the Formula Vees.

  • Here's the beautiful Lowenbrau Porsche driven by, the late, Al Holbert.

  • Can you believe this? A Chevy II racing at the Glen.

  • A beautiful Corvette Grand Sport

  • A big $$$$ Ferrari passing a sliding Camaro

  • I'll never forget the Group44 Jag team.

  • An eariler Bob Tullius in an E-type Jag.

  • Chris Cord and his Chevy Monza in the boot.

  • A beautiful Shelby Mustang at speed.

  • One of the best of all time - a 427 Cobra.

  • Jackie Oliver's "UOP Shadow".

  • A tired Pete Revson after a 1971 Trans Am race at the Glen.

  • The late, great Al Holbert.

  • A spin in the 90 minus a door

  • Bob Wollek inbetween sessions

  • David Hobbs in his BMW days

  • Also John Watson with the BMW "M" team

  • The Goodwrench Corvette GTP

  • The "other" Corvette GTP

  • The Ford Probe of Lynn St.James

  • The Bud Light Jaguar

  • The Castrol Jaguar

  • The winning Camaro of Bodine & Baldwin

    Some "instamatic" bad quality photos
    But they're good memories

  • A Cobra on the grid

  • A Vette on the grid

  • A Barricuda

  • A-Production Corvette

  • The #24 Can-Am car

  • Another view of the #24 car

  • #52 Can-Am car

  • Cockpit of the #52 car

  • Oscar Koveleski

  • Another of Oscar Koveleski

  • A classic Ferrari

    Ford GT's in the '60's

  • A Gulf GT40

  • 2 Gulf's

  • GT40 towed

  • Infield

  • Grid

    Indy Cars

    Rick Mears in the pits.("Kent Oil 150" CART race, 1980.)

  • Danny "On The Gas" Ongias in the pits during a Indy Car practice at the Glen.

  • Bobby Unser getting some advice in the pits.

  • The "Pennzoil Chaparral" and owner Jim Hall with driver Johnny Rutherford.

  • Tom Sneva clowning around his Indy car.

  • Danny Ongias praying(?),with a smile, for a win at Watkins!

  • Dan Gurney in the garage.

  • Lone Star J.R. at the "Kent Oil 150" in the early 1980's


  • Robby Gordon on two wheels in the last Bush race at the Glen.

  • One more of Robby Gordon on two wheels.

  • And Ron Fellows on two wheels in the last Bush race at the Glen.

  • Dale Earnhardt and Richard Childress, on turn ten, watching Mark Martin pratice, in the wet, on rain tires.

  • David Pearson at the Glen for a celebeity race.

  • One more of David Pearson.

  • J.D. on three wheels in the loop.

  • J.D., with his cigar at "the 90".

  • J.D. on the long walk back to the pits...with his cigar

  • Steve Park's Sunoco Modified entering the loop.

  • Steve Park's Sunoco Modified at speed.

  • And just one more (a close up) of Steve Park's MOD.

  • The Busch North boys having some fun.

  • Tim Richmond and Dale Earnhardt doing a "hot" lap.

  • A young Jeff Gordon at Watkins during his 2nd year in the Busch cars.

  • A hero of mine,Reggie Ruggiero at speed down the straight.

  • A photo of Richie Evans "Mod" at the Glen in 1975.

  • Geoff Bodine & Maynard Troyer (Troyer,#6,being closest to camera)lining up at Shangri-La speedway in 1980.

  • The great Donald "Dutch" Hoag at Watkins in 1975 "dirt tracking" out of the 90.

  • Merv Treichler, the winner of the "Watkins Glen 250" for the "Mods" in 1975.

  • Merv Trichler's Mod at speed in 1975.

  • Graham Bolia in his Pinto Mod at the Glen in '75.

  • Tim Richmond waves to the crowd before a race at the Glen.

  • Another photo of Tim Richmond taking a victory lap after a win at the Glen.

  • Tim Richmond letting it all hang out at the Glen.

  • A photo of Jeff Gordon driving a FORD! in his rookie NASCAR year.

  • Four drivers
    Earnhardt Sr,Rudd,

  • Earnhardt Sr. waves to the crowd

  • The "King" Richard Petty in the chute

  • Richard Petty during a pit stop

  • The Levi Garrett car of Geoff Bodine

  • Bobby Allison in his Miller car

  • Bobby Allison doing autographs

  • Davey Allison in the chute

  • Bobby's other late sonCliff Allison

  • Neil Bonnet on the track

  • The IROC cars of Earnhart & Rahal in the 90

  • The great "MOD" driver Maynard Troyer at the Glen.

  • Troyer and his Mod in the garage.

  • One of the greatest race drivers ever, Richie Evans at the "Glen 150" for the Mods.


  • For you NASCAR (1964) & old G.P.(1963) fans, a couple of $4.00 tickets.

  • A 1966 Grand Prix ticket and a ticket to the Snowmobile Grand Prix held in 1972.

  • Messages from the Fans.

  • Go Karts race during a G.P. weekend in the 1970's.

    A number of photos from different races at Watkins during the 1970's.
    Contributed by
    B. Dartt

    1970's #1
    1970's #2
    1970's #3
    1970's #4
    1970's #5
    1970's #6
    1970's #7
    1970's #8
    1970's #9
    1970's #10
    1970's #11
    1970's #12
    1970's #13
    1970's #14
    1970's #15
    1970's #16
    1970's #17
    1970's #18
    1970's #19
    1970's #20
    1970's #21
    1970's #22
    1970's #23
    1970's #24
    1970's #25
    1970's #26
    1970's #27
    1970's #28
    1970's #29
    1970's #30
    1970's #31
    1970's #32
    1970's #33
    1970's #34
    1970's #35
    1970's #36

    Wonderful photos...
    Thanks B.!

    A few photos of world famous racing historian and author Doug Nye at the International Motor Racing Research Center, Watkins Glen Oct. 4, 2003.

  • Doug Nye #1

  • Doug Nye #2

  • Doug Nye #3

  • And one of
    Don Capps, another racing historian and author with many articles on the Atlas F1 web site.

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