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If any of you were there at the time, how could you forget it! Burning cars, The Geneva Horny Heathens, mud dogging (before it was cool), thousands of wild people (day and night), Jeep tug-o-wars, rock fights (not the music kind)and so on... what a sight! Known then at the time as one of the rowdiest places ON EARTH (according to the foreign press)! The climax was the burning of a Greyhound bus on an 1974 Oct. Saturday afternoon during the U.S. Grand Prix weekend. To go up there (Watkins Glen International) on a race weekend nowadays one would never imagine such goings on ever took place just outside the track, between turns 10 and 11.
Hell...It's a campground today.
Some of those NASCAR fans camping there these days have NO idea!

But there are some of us still around that were there and survived!
And if nothing else...The one thing from those weekends do we remember is...


(And believe me...Like Uncle Sam, at the time, the BOG had it's share of recruits!)

And don't forget the goings on at the Boot. If you were there, let me refresh you memory ...Zuber(the guy with the megaphone), (Show us your) t*t contests (broken bicycle for the winner[s]), Streaking, The Other Side Sucks, Bud-Man, Melon Heads, Mooning,
Moon pyramids (sorry, I lost the film of that one) and more!

One more item...
A BIG Thanks! to the people that sent me their photos to post on this web site.

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Remember those shirts?...I do! :-)

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